WeTrendAnkara#237: Cameroon’s best selling tailors and their fabrics…


The Cameroon fashion industry is large and very competitive with sumptuous and quality fabrics from every corner of the country but the one thing that tells who or which fabric is the best, is the tailor and the brand name in which he or she belongs.

We Trend Africa #237, a Cameroonian fashion design company with the intention of creating African costume with it natural and local fabrics and pieces from home and neighboring countries is headed by Manyitabot Rachel Ayamba and Jeanne Blandine. The Kamerflow Magazine had a brief chat with the CEO who  disclosed the interesting biography of the brand and it aim to the world and Africa in Particular.


It is of no doubt that when zooming the pictures and seeing the professional make up and shots, one won’t hesitate to think of the award winning, and a widely recognized professional photographer in Africa, known for taking good color graded fashion pics, Kelly B, based in Buea- South West Region.

We Trend Ankara #237  is one of the few Cameroon fashion design companies that speaks for itself and not them running behind interesting fashion mongers. It will be a pleasure for you to glands over what the CEO has to say about her fabrics and the entire team and other heads she is working with.


Here is a clear definition from the CEO herself about the elegance designs and her brand

Manyitabot Rachel Ayamba
Manyitabot Rachel Ayamba

WeTrendAnkara#237 is a business owned by Manyitabot Rachel Ayamba and Jeanne Blandine. We work as a team of about 10 (designer’s n tailors inclusive). WeTrendankara#237 is aimed at promoting our African culture that is bringing out the beauty of Africa using its fabrics to blend in fashion. We create modern designs for men, woman and children of all ages and sizes both home and abroad. At Wetrendnkara#237, we import our fabrics from Cotouno, Nigeria and Ghana and for the Cameroonian fabrics we get them around. We have home based tailors who cut and sew the designs perfectly with a well-polished finishing. Clients place their commands either through a phone call, text or #Whatsapp message, on our pages on #Facebook and #Instagram. Delivery is done exactly 2weeks after full payment of commands. Wetrendakara#237 is in collaboration with Kolo Designz. We work hand in gloves to bring out the best for our clients -We are presently in collaboration with Kelly b photography. All the images we have gear right now are from Kelly B photography. Capture the beauty of the designed fabrics and together we make an excellent team. Official Make up by Dede Folefo.

Keep eye-shopping and get connected with WeTrendAkara #237 designs to be the talk of your town this month.k4

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