StarsProfile: Focus On Wazih with the secret guitar string.


Young and Promising Cameroonian multi-talented artist Wazih, based in the capital city Yaounde, is looked upon like an exemplary manifestation of a true visionary. We explores the young novice from his sitting room and noticed a huge secret about his artistry including his upcoming single.

Wazih is a singer/song writer from the North West region of Cameroon, Central Africa. He started music at the age of 18 when he was in high school, after being appointed the music club president. He later developed his music shills by learning how to play the guitar and singing in his church.

Wazih has released three singles, Build Back Rome, Prisoner of Love and Right Perspective. He is equally an actor, model and TV presenter. Child hood Wazih grew up from an average family, father being a mechanic and mother a business woman. He graduated from high school in 2009 and enrolled in the University of Yaoundé where he had his first degree in economics. He later acquired professional master’s degree in economic intelligence and entrepreneurship.


His musical journey started as a music club leader in high school, and then was a member of the SOA music club, where he attended the UNIFAC as the main contestant representing the university.

He is a guitarist and pianist, vocalist and songwriter. He has several studio works, amongst  which he also has jazz jingles. As he prepares for his upcoming single Right Perspective, coming this year, get carried away with singles on his Mp3 page on ReverbNation.

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