NewODO: Jovi dribbles fire in “Bad Influence” more than in Zélé.

Bad Influence
Bad Influence

You may be posing the same question like others;who is the street nigga that has compare sizes with Kora Awards Best Album nominee, Ndukong Godlove a.k.a Jovi, after snooping this lyrical powerful punch lines.


With a purely different level of dramatic illusion from which his last video Zélé revealed in a dirty crack backyard with unpainted building like in Syria bombarded by ISIS, where the Mboko God was crying and postulating questions about his fellow Cameroonian and the way the country is moving, Jovi exceeds the degree of cry and vex heard in Zélé in Bad Influence.


The problem now is, Zélé was that heavy with snares and kicks and with a black and a white video, how will “Bad Influence” look like with such angriness? Will Ndukong Bertrand, his video director be able to know what to do or will Colin Tilley, video director of “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar, be begged for the shooting?

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