Zigoto Tchaya gearing with new feature fictional film “21DAYS” (Behind the scenes).


It was at exactly 12 noon in the capital city Yaoundé, precisely at Symbok where the Zoomers Pictures Production cast, crew and director Zigoto Tchaya Tchameni, were using the God sending bright sky that afternoon to continue taking the footage of the movie 21 Days.


Here is what the director told the Kamerflow Magazine correspondent on set about that particular scene

“This scene is the heart of the entire story”.

Combine with the sun and the durst presently covering the tares in Yaoundé, the actors had to go-bathing in it since it was a criminal scene with four arm robbers and three police special agent.

At this scene, due to the complexity, not less than 4 hours was spend taking the “360” degree shots since it included a bid 24of martial arts and police professionalism.

The one thing that made African icon Nelson MANDELA, died with smiles in his pockets was seeing the intercultural diversity between the west and east, north and south. That is, blacks and whites swimming in the same pool and celebrating over a goal victory in a football terrain. Despite Mandela’s fights, some Africans still fines it hard especially when it comes to marriage and wives “imported” from the whites man’s land by African men for marriage.

The feature length fictional film written by Nancy Kienyo, is centered mostly on the custom and tradition of Akongnwi’s village. A typical traditional belief in the North West region of Cameroon where Kimbi, mother to Akongnwi will not allow his son married his American fiancé Golda, who for the mother and Akongnwi’s sister, Berinyuy is not hardworking because she allows her brother to do the house chores. It now let to a matrimonial text when Golda had to leave his fiancé house to the village so as to be versed with the people.

Going to the village within a week, almost made Golda turn no different from any other African from skin color turning to black, hands as strong almost as iron bars from the farming, sweeping, pounding of yams and feeding the goats and pigs…

21 Days has been located for three different regions in the country; Center (Yaoundé), South (Kribi) and North West (Bamenda). Stay connected as we bring you more about the film.


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