NBA Awards winning artist Wuyka and #TeamAdrenaline in Bamenda for a project.


In case the yellow writing on the damsel’s chest in over exposed, let me help in defining every detail you see. #TeamAdrenaline is what you can’t see on her chest and the beautiful talking hills are symbols to the grass field region, Bamenda. To culminate, Adrenaline is involve and Wuyka is on his seway  board.

If there is a city in Cameroon that one should thank God for being a nominee before winning an award, it should be B’da, due to it continues production of entertainers and confusion when nominating. It is not a new phrase that talent in B’da is as common as snack bars in Yaoundé, which is the reason why is always a nut hard to crack by many awards events in the city to make choices.

After months of intricate scrutiny with juries’ in the city, Wuyka (formerly Damien Blue) went home with the best Afro Jazz Award in Cameroon. An award which has accentuated the onward motion of his 2016 Africa  project.


“Rebirth” is the title of the project. A project the upcoming world Jazz and folklore super star has been knocking his head to and fro Bamenda and Buea to see it move with no anti-rebirth forces


Due to the big view and purpose for the project, Douala base and best 2015 video director Adrenaline, was in Bamenda weeks ago to cement the visuals with his video expertise in giving the young star the best images that will necessarily make his name exceed the Cameroon borders.

NBA(New Breed Africa)


Download Damien Blue’s latest single “Bunadu”

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