StarSystem: From Zero to Hero from Bonas to New York. # TuerPourTuer.


Hard work they say pays when you combine with patients. Cameroonian rapper and multitalented artist Maahlox Le Viber to leave Paris for New York and other states in the USA in months to come. The young super star who alone now covers about 30% of adverts for Africa’s leading Mobile Telephone Network (MTN), has released another afro pop single, Tuer Pour Tuer.

maaIt is of no doubt that, a good player is seen not on how expensive his jersey may look but on what he can prove in the pitch. Living an expensive life now with his hardworking team in Paris, Maahlox this Friday 4th was in another show following his first mission which was to celebrate with Makossa King, Petite Pays on his 30 years music career.

From roaming the streets of Chato, Cradat and Bonas all in his neighborhood in Yaounde, Maahlox has been a hero jumping from one flight to another and from one big city in the world to another.

Really a big hand for the super star with his new single, Tuer Pour Tuer, which reports says it will probably have more influence than #CaSortComeCaSort. Download the single and for another buzz is made in the African continent.

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