Kongossa: Jason Derulo is remixing a Cameroonian song – See Artist


Probably this is the kind of collaboration Cameroonian artists would be getting when Jason eventually drops down the pot from the fire. The philosophy of gravity hold that, when you dream big and put that dream into practice, it could become real by the force and pressure you exercise .

The first paragraph may seem convincing to your ears and shocking to some who are curios to know the African artist Jason would be sharing a video shoot with. Sorry folks, it is all a dream from a young, super voice kid and fan to Jason Derulo , Tirajai , thinking aloud to his friends on a Whatsapp Group  “Chaser”

First Lady

Tirajai said he wishes a journalist just talk on a U.S radio  Jason Derulo is remixing a Cameroonian song and the title is First Lady by Tirajai” . He ended by saying “From that day, My feet will never touch the ground”

Just two weeks ago, the vocal singer drops his latest singe First Lady, which created a lot of impact on social media and radio stations back in his home city , B’da.  Download the song and listen why  an artist like that will not have the right to think of his idol, Jason Derulo with  him on the mic.

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