Her  intrusion is guarded by the Godfather of Cameroon folklore music, Bobe Yerima, popularly known as “Afo A-Kom” (Something in Kom) with the ever loving ancestral spirits of the “Ngonso” of the Nso people.

Called it an already living music genre but I bet not with such punch and energetic cultural-electrifying hums and rhymes by the young and charming Chilli, from Bui Division – singing in her native language “Lamnso”

Known to be a blessing from the folklore music gods since last year 2015, that her debut album HERITAGE was released; the diva has on a single day not been able to live traces everywhere she stands for the mic; not until 2016 she decided on releasing her debut video Hayo, a single from her second album.12779154_1553547094959165_8506539260363099630_o

I chose folklore because I have the passion to unveil and project our unique sounds and rhymes to the universal festive platforms. She told the Kamerflow Magazine

Hayo is an inspirational song calling onus to have faith in ourselves because when you believe, you can” she concluded. Watch the Hayo video directed by Cameroon award-winning cinematographer Yibain Emile, from the Y-Colony Picture.

What makes us Africans is culture and culture, we feed on. Watch, share, like and comment.

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