The Yaoundé-Douala highway has been known for killing more deadly than the Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram. Leaving Yaoundé for Douala after a week of shoot with the #21DAYS crew for Douala, Zigoto was one of the luckiest person in the public transport bus that night.

The collision between the public transport bus and a truck , took the life of the driver and left many wounded. We met with the film maker himself on an online chat who explained to us what happen and how he is now fairing.

“I succeeded in co12935279_10154115356804612_211246562_nming out of the car … just 17km to Edea from Yaoundé last night on my way to Douala at exactly 9.42pm. I just left the Edea district hospital and I am now in Douala for check – up” When asked the reason for his traveling, this is what he said “I was traveling to Douala to hunt funding for my film”. A film which is yet to leave the post production doors to the cinemas for the director to start receiving his praise’s wants to end up been a nightmare for him.

We pray for the other victims for a quick recovery, thank God for serving the life of the celebrity and may he welcome the humble driver with a warmth welcome in his kingdom.

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