At times they say in Cameroon that “When the capital Yaoundé is enjoying, therefore the entire country is enjoying” which has never been the case not until on #SuperSaturday when the kingkong and his brother Wizkid offered a special public holiday for the inhabitants in the economic city, Douala .


Saturday was not only a special day for the Cameroonian but also for Wizkid, who made it to the country for his first time coupled with heavy rains; special blessings from the gods of the land to welcome him. Because of the love and emotion the fans have for Wizkid and their conviction to show the African icon their love for him, they rains falling on them were like Wizkid’s charming lyrical lines touching them that even some people standing on the rain never realized it was rainy. Thank you Wiz for coming to your neighboring country and Cameroon loves you.


The King Kong as usual with that hilarious spirit of a soldier like his father, gathered the Bayangi pride, charisma and influence inherits from Paris, where he had his tour; almost forgot speakers were on the stage for him just to hum and the fans will get. Rapping and shouting to the people he represents everywhere he goes with the national flag on his neck, it was his best night ever with the love reciprocated from the fans. At times they say music is like a Bible everyone understands the language preach by the servant of God, for language was not a barrier- the fans understood everything.


If it was a national cake, then really it was the first time ever to have a balance diet in Cameroon; Yaoundé enjoying and the other cities enjoying too. It was a blow to the entire nation that as Wizkid’s and Stanley Enow’s posters where pasted for almost two months for awareness, probably FIFA and CAF knew about the young and gentle Cameroonian afro-pop artist, Magasco performance on that #SuperSaturday and careless to put posters. Sending away the dull cloud on the sky by shouting with his Anglophone brothers and sisters and the entire country at the beautifully newly constructed Limbe football stadium where she was hosting South Africa, Magasco in a blink of an eye become like Prophet T.B Joshoa controlling about 25 thousand spectators. His latest single “Wule Bang Bang” from the EP #RAWGOLD  was remix by some as “Lion Bang Bang” (Meaning lions are shining). Magasco’s name when into the record books in Limbe.

The whole event ended successfully with the indomitable lions having a 2-2 draw with the South African – Bafana Bafana national team. stay with your favorite Cameroon blog (Kamerflow Magazine) for the entire video on Saturday in Cameroon.

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