“Ça Sort Comme Ça Sort” came with the streets having that Maahlox got the inspiration same day “Coller La Petite” by Franko dropped and he recently release another hit track #TuerPourTuer ft afro rapper Phil B, which many Ivoirians are claiming Maahlox stoled from Bop de Narr’s (L’eau par mes narines) rhythm.

The controversy became more real because Maahox said in his “Ça Sort Comme Ça Sort” lyric that When my brother does something that is huge…I copy it… Now, the statement is getting a lot of ground-power because TuerPourTuer’s intro by the same star is having almost the same intro as of “L’eau par mes Narines” by BOP DE NARR.

Maahlox’s fame is as huge as that of Donald Trump’s. Despite the many scandal about him being an opportunist which for many is talent, he is still topping the charts by creating many music international relationships. He recently shared a pic on Facebook about a video shoot probably in France; where he is presently living for the time being.

Maahlox has been getting a lot of collabo and performances since he released the hit track “Ça Sort Comme Ça Sort” Watch the video it is said to have copied before singing “TuerPourTuer”.

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