Oh! lala. This is is how this week wraps up with the new “Samba” TV Series: new faces juicing the cast and an amazing technical staff fighting in achieving that cinematographic lighting of the scene.

Well, i really can’t imagine this: was this week only Kelly’s scene? she is just in  every picture! by the way, we already know who she is “Ms Finest Wine” a.k.a “madam selfie” Do you know Kelly got like 1 Terra byte of hard disk drive full with selfies? Well, that was just a gross  one there, i think it’s 3 Terri byte and by the end of SAMBA shooting, who knows how many.

Kelly and crew
Kelly and crew
Kelly again with cast
Kelly again with cast


In case you haven’t noticed this, the Kamerflow Magazine team following the Series have? Epule’s stomach is gone, i mean from meters in front to meters behind. He is more handsome now. Looks like next month would make him 27 years;  was he exercising only to perform his role with flat stomach on this blazing drama? I think so….but why is Enah Jonhscott talking to the two of them in private? hope is not all about her (you best know). I think Enah was warning Libota to look at Epule’s size and control his. Look at his jaws, Libota is growing fatter  and fatter like a campaign manager to Donald Trump . An actor and a business man, what do we expect (maniken)? “chop bro”

I am afraid oh!
I am afraid oh!

Gets full with vibes and updates with every move of the shooting by following the and liking the Facebook page. Bone Week-End. (click)

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