The Bamenda Congress Hall witnessed the most ever colorful night in terms of entertainment since it structure; with the film premier of Until Proven Guilty, an intriguing melodrama directed by Emmanuel Gomia spanking the night.

With celebrities and important personalities like: Richard Kings, President of Arts Syndicate Ankias Valleyman and the Delegate of Arts and Culture, Abanda Mayeh, the events that started at about 20:41PM, had it full taste when the folklore messianic, Richard Kings polished with his historical melodies.


A remarkable phenomenon that will keep memories in the minds of the invitees and guests, will be the turnout. Bamenda is known for producing good music and films but had barely been carried away with an events as colorful as that. The turnout was the biggest ever seen in the Bamenda Congress Hall. This shows the demand and eagerness of how the city is ready to see entertainment not just a means to catch fun with families and friends but also as a means of lively hood.


Melani Kengni, the lead actress led the night. Looking very stunning in her only but one gown-type in the hall, she personalize the night not just as the lead actress but also as any other red carpet celebrity.

Lead actress Malani and Director, Emmanuel
Lead actress Malanie and Director, Emmanuel

Catch fun with the pictures as we bring the second part of the premier and who wore best?

Bamenda correspondent: Mbatu Derick

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