You won’t accept with me that in Cameroon, every actors knows not more than one discipline in the film domain, if you aren’t keen and following their updates.

Nchifor Vallery, is a Cameroonian young and amazing actor with a unique style of carrying his role on him which only a good director  would notice.

Acting may be a common “just-talking” thing to learn your lines and present them – but presenting naturally is not the same as presenting realistically.


Valery is that kind of actor who imbibes and accepts his character in any movie like in his normal daily life.

Nchifor was one of the producers of the short film “33”, a Tebo Njei film, and also the lead actor. His performance in the “court metrage” is what he will say to the world media, sold him to the world.


Produced in 2015 by the Zibrafrica, Nchifor Valery was opportune same year to be the lead actor in another award winning short film, by Cameroonian female leading film maker, Christa Eka Assam (Iron lady). His role has ever since then be rating the young actor very high.


The “33” movie is a short action film that tells a story of a kidnapped rich young man by an unknown man who happens to have the same face like him and having committing many crimes; fraudster, debtor, he plans to hang them on the shoulders of the victim (Nchifor). The 13:37 minute low key short film was shot by Tabi Zama, also a Cameroonian young and amazing director, edited by Kukwah Anthony and a whole lots of star studded cast.

Watch the full movie, 33 .

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