If Calvin Klein was to come to Cameroon is search of vibrant minds too train for the next generation of world fashion gurus with originality, emerging fashion designer and owner of Mareta Brand, and the current founder of the Buea Fashion Week – Reneta Nwonori Ndisang will feature in his list.

Presently chilling in her home city, Buea, in preparation for the three days fashion week show starting from the 12th – 14th this May, Nwonori hopes  to turn the myth of fashion of the 19th century to economy generating sector.


Kamerflow Magazine: What motivated you to come up with the Buea fashion week?

Nwonori: this is not the first event I have organize. The first event was way back in 2010, which was a success, TIA MAC REN Fashion event. Since then, I have always wanted to continue with the spirit of doing fashion and entertainment events, but then things became rough and I had to sit back and watch to learn from mistakes I made. So sometimes last year I kept on talking to a friend about this Buea fashion week stuff and she was ok with it. My aim is to make Cameroonian learn to work for themselves. You must not sit in a white collar job before you make money. You can search that inner talent in you and work on it. We need more and more of this events.

Nwonori statement brings to mind what many Cameroonian theater practitioners are cultivating today called “THEATER FOR DEVELOPEMET”. Her aim to see Fashion serve as means of development and more of a professional that can bring development just a design and wear thing.

She makes her daily live working with incredible minds in the world of the acclaim, Etam Ebai –  a  big names in the fashion industry known for having been born with designing in his veins.

Reneta Nworoi and almighty Atem Ebai

Kamerflow Magazine: So what are the five things the BFW would be having different from your precious events?

Nwonori: ha-ha. Five things? Ha-ha-ha-ha! Ok.  It is a runway and exhibition , green carpet, gift bags, working with professional makeup artists, lots of media houses will be in the building and front roll, has invitees who are celebrities.

Hmmm! Asked five she gave more than five! the BFW would be taking place at the Buea Shopping Mall.

Kamerflow Magazine: How are you and your team preparing for the Fashion WEEK?

Nwonori: we are now checking what’s lacking and working on how to make everything go in place. But we are happy because we didn’t expect the reaction we are getting.

She calls herself and emerging fashion designer, we live you chilling with the student’s pictures on different

IMG-20160502-WA0012 IMG-20160502-WA0006 IMG-20160502-WA0007

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