The most complicated and finest fans one would proud of having in Africa, are Cameroonians but once they starts turning their back on your arts, you might only need big media houses like CRTV, STV AND CANAL 2 to ask for a public apology.

This is how this new version of the Cameroon Afro pop star, Franko, new video of Coller La Petite “version 2016” is called starring other African rap stars: Youssoupha….


The hates and dislikes finding it comfortable seat beside the new video shot in France by, Kevin Mendibourse, no more by the original video director SKY-STAR, is causing a lot of mouth clashes across the country.

Many argue that, Franco should have instead shoot a video remix with the stars he stars in the video. Others say, he should have been patient since the Coller La Petite original video is trending on YouTube… the proposals are just so many.

Already two weeks since it was uploaded on YouTube, the video has attained 22.321 views, 217 Likes and 232 Dislike. The comments are just too many to start listing. Watch the video and see. The video is good folks, but… we are just the way we are in Cameroon – born critics.

Amazing clip…Bigup Franko.

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