Magasco’s big surprise exposes – Nami Nami Cyrus spicing the “All Vip” video


Many have been asking questions patterning to the relationship between Best Music and the Empire Company. The former Best Music rapper, Nami Nami Cyrus was the only Cameroonian artist who accompanied Magasco shut down the CCC in Yaounde during his RawGold EP Tour in the capital city.

By then,  the glimpse were  not yet clear not until when Nami Nami Cyrus was seen  in his first picture with the Empire Company wearing and advertising the Empire Company T.Shirts and cap; today he is officially signed and appearing on the B-Boys  new video “All Vip”

Magasco told the Kamerflow Magazine weeks ago that he was coming with a surprise…i guess the surprise is clear now. Nami NamI is 2 seconds seen in Magasco’s video shots , soon to be 3:30 minutes seen in his own song under the most prestigious music label in Cameroon.

Imagine the master of Amasa getting thing down with B-Boy? Baddest guys

All Vip will be online this week download the audio below for a small “charge”


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