I thought to come out with an album these days depended on the decades of the artist in the game not knowing that, it meant only a musically spirited super cool kid of yesterday to jump into a vocal box and blast the world with good hits within minutes.

Three years in the music sphere, Kiflex a.k.a Baddest King, Cameroonian afro-pop artist based in the U.S finally drops the long awaited “Baddest Queen” album. Called him the guy with the mystic voice, the man with the secret of every woman in his pocket or the most romantic Cameroonian artist who never read literature. Kiflex rocks!

“The album is an expression of my feelings to a special lady called the baddest queen. I call her baddest queen because I believe every baddest king has a queen and what makes the difference is how the special your queen is” Kiflex said why the name “Baddest Queen” for the album.


Comprised of 8 tracks, it has different styles and it is a combination of afro-pop and R&B genres and what makes it more unique is the feeling each and every song in the album gives you when you listen. Because of its diverse culture and linguistic idea applied in the masterpiece, it is a lyrically high sensational, and romantic package.

7 tracks of the album were produced by Nigerian producer B.O and the lead track in the masterpiece, Baddest Queen, whose video was shot last month by MT Muna, was produced by the youngest DJ, Master Roboster, in Cameroon. Talking about diversity, it is Cameroon and Ghana throwing the shots. Introducing to his album is a collabo with a Ghanaian artist, Fresh Rebel.

Kiflex holds strongly that all his tracks are hit and are going to make waves and the young star equally discloses his next video shoot of: Marry You, No Dey Worry plus a new track he just recorded, Love Me.

Question: Which track or tracks on the album do you really feel the hits?

Kiflex: Marry You, Right, bumper Mas, No dey Worry, Love Me , Follow you… all of them are hit tracks… you know!

Go for the album via the link


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