It takes only a good producer to know the different between a good rap act and a bad one. B’da based C.E.O of 237JAMZ  and a professional producer, rapper and singer has decided on taking the bullet for Stanley Enow after a long memoir stamp on him this week by Geraldrico, a photographer and video director.

A “nkog” is a masquerade in the North West region that rarely comes out during the day and when it does, know that land is unbalance. Gee Reign has never had a clash with any artist nor responded to any; but this day, he stood on his feet to say something about an artistry, arts and how it should be respected.

After the Facebook memoir Geraldrico published online, Gee Reign had no option than  to address the public in his way as a master in the field and also an aspiring young star like any other big name in Africa and the world. He started by showing his dislike why the person tagged him on the post. This is Gee Reign’s  reply.


“I just can’t b’live the number of stupid pple tagging me on very long ass post trying 2 prove that Stanley Enow is nt a ”Good” rapper n shouldn’t be more successful than other ”dope lyricist/rappers”. I don shidong read the post them, the tin don really wanda me n it hurts cos I’m experiencing 1st hand, hw pple from my own country r angry/irritated/upset/mad/pissed with some1 just bcos he is successful. Abeg wuna ya make all we look’am from this angle. Stan had an inspiration just like every other artist, went 2 the studio just like every other artist, recorded n got his songs mixed n mastered just like every other artist, he promoted his songs just like every other artist bt the difference is, he won more awards, travelled the world (n is still travelling) n did collaborations with one of the biggest names in the African music scene than most artist. He might not be the Jay Z of rap in Camer bt he’s most def the Jay Z of the Camer music industry in terms of business n money making so far n guess wat he didn’t hv 2 post naked on his cover album 2 be that successful. So plis my dear artist/friends instead of wasting time posting one chapter of the Bible trying 2 make some1 else look bad, use that energy/time n ideas that u claim 2 hv n build ur own career. ‪#‎237jamz”


  1. Thanks my brother. I pray most if not all artist stop the idea of bringing their colleagues down, they should collaborate and make the industry grow and win Awards for the industry and Cameroon.

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