What ever you do, people must talk. Multiple Award winner and Cameroon’s front music rapper Stanley Enow, this week must have been admitted to the hospitals because of the video controversy featuring Locko and A.K.A. As the young star tries to pave the way for the country, so do critics interpret his every lyric-line with contemplative comments.

Photographer /graphic designer/music video editor (former worker at Ns. Pictures)  could not cover his mouth after he must have listened and understood Stanley’s lyrics from an embarrassing point of view. In every statement there is always an exception and this exception can be true when the defender has a good back-up points.

Geraldríco Gúevara II as he is called, claims Stanley Enowis showing no good example for the country. Stanley was confirmed by other top artist that his lyrics in his new song “Bounce”was dope but others sees it as no job done. What they want from him to do now, I don’t know. I think Stanley Enow should called for a press conference to ask the public what they want from him.

I think Cameroonians never knew they would have a star, their joy could only be express with a confusion on the Like and Dislike button to click on. Could all of these things by Geraldrico be true? Read

Stanley Enow !!! cam small so…

“I leave that petit rapper dem for back house
Stuck in Yaounde; they think its First Class. “
– Stanley Enow, BOUNCE.

In your song “Bounce” you said you are the boss Rapper leaving all the petit Rappers, suck in Yaounde.

You went ahead blatantly insinuating that these rappers, are stuck here in Yaounde ( Cameroon), thinking its FIRST CLASS. Meanx their careers are hopeless…

What the rotten fuck!!

get this into your empty skull that you are neither the 1st nor the best in Cameroon.
Infact, you are a disgrace to Cameroon Music in my opinion. Instead of bringing glory to our nation thru your music, you go abroad and release songs full of insults, childishness, nonchalance, defamation to the Cameroon Public..

You feature in songs abroad, songs in which you make foreign artistes think that cameroon music without you is worthless and empty.

Is this the way to speak about cameroon music abroad?
is this the way to lift your country’s flag??

You this narcissistic scoundrel; you bring disgrace to the entire Bayangi community at home and abroad…

How many cameroon artistes have insulted you thru their music??
As a big brother in this music shit, i thought you will do better than this…

Your Too Proud and Naughty! you are too childish and fake…and it wont be me who is going to tell the public about your dilemma in Nigeria last year When u went for that award which u never brought back home..

Do you remember how broke you were??
you were like a nobody in Nigeria…u forgot??
I wont want to say more, u fake faggot…

And again, do you remember how many times you have used tricks to beg for collabos with big names in the game.

many times you begged, many times rejected…the few who pitied you and accepted, you came and disgraced yourself in the song….
example – (‘Yours’ – Featuring Ice Price)..

I never said these things becos i respected you just a little less at that time, but now, you dont respect all these young hustlers in cameroon…y then shud i respect you??

But when u got to Cameroon, you behaved as if u walked on gold in Nigeria…and dats you, Fake fake fake…

You have had good songs bro, but again, your lyrics are those i wrote when i was in form four…

”A Commodity that sells high in the market does not forcibly make that commodity the best. Cheap things sell the most.”

I blocked your brother and manager Martin Enow on FACEBOOK becos of the loud and inhuman noise he was making each day about you…SAINT STANLEY ENOW, KING STANLEY ENOW, GOD STANLEY ENOW.

From your Pulse interview in which u lied to hype yourself and your career, you have again brought dishonour upon the entire cameroon HipHop community..

Change Your Ways Or Ur ways will Change You!…
You insulted All Camer rappers back home….it is these same rappers who will bring you to shame…you have dug the first 2 meters of your grave already…
Start purchasing planks for your career’s coffin…

Me Geraldríco Gúevara II has said these things with contributions from Snoopy Jee, and signed them…come for me..

if we can share this till it meets the proud nigger…pls do

The memoir ends


  1. I do not think this will help Stanley and the Camer hip hop family, just give time, time, time is the only judge, after this what next, this will pave way for more attention to him, I pray the industry unit instead of disunity, shalom to the struggling Rappers in CAMER

  2. I personnally dont think stanley enoh is a good rapper…. but mehn
    .. rap lyrics are just rap lyrics … he is not an educator he can say whatever the fxxx pleases him. Being cocky is basically what being a rapper is all about. He isnt that good … he is just lucky … and luck runs out… no need for name calling

  3. ya i think Geraldríco Gúevara II is right,stanley is a bragard and feels so highly of himself. bro we do not dislike u but we dislike ur ways and the things say in ur lirics.

  4. “I leave that petit rapper dem for back house
    Stuck in Yaounde; they think its First Class. “
    – Stanley Enow, BOUNCE.

    I dont think thise lines were meant to demean rappers back home. In th manner of poets, The guy was most likely just stating, that he is no more just local , but international.
    And if he meant what the writer of this article thinks he meant, then he is still right. Lots of guys who only make music in Yde, Dla, or some other single city here in Cameroon, feel like the world is theirs. Let them open up their market and go international, Yaounde is not the Ultimate.
    Stanley is a patriot for inspiring and educating the youth and rappers. Let them Know there is more to it than being famous in Yaounde.

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