When children grow from the abyss of social shocks and experience, they became as vibrant as the stars Abraham couldn’t count on the sky. Three brothers, born in the USA from parents originally from the Central African country of Cameroon, have a message that transcends across the world.

On one Minnesota visit to a display, hosted by one nurse who owned an orphanage in Cameroon, they watched videos of children in her orphanage. The three brothers could not hide the sadness they felt at seeing that. It was no doubt, that experience left a sad impression on their minds. Because it was too painful for them to suppress, they asked their mum if they could share that story with the world. Their mother asked each one of them to write down their thoughts; little did anyone know that, that was the birth of the youngest R n B band with a Cameroon heritage.


The boys, Bonaventure, Denzel and Tyler, now aged 12, 10 and 5 respectively, are those brothers. The Cameroonian orphanage videos they watched were all that was required to ignite their inborn love for humanity. They showed the love for singing around 2009, quite early in their lives. It is funny to see that they all mention the legendary Michael Jackson as the inspiration behind their love for music. Listening to their inner voices, they wrote their first song, “Everyone Should Know”. They were sure that if everyone knew about the suffering in the world and did something to help reduce that suffering, the world could be changed to a better place to live for all. The public response to that song was so encouraging that they went on to make their first official video in 2014, and that same year, they scooped the first music award, as best young artists of the year in Minnesota.


 Apart from the many performances they have had in their home State of Minnesota, Washington DC has also experienced their passion through song and action. The stage name “Cboyz”, is short for “Caring Boys” and indeed that is what they are. One would expect kids their age to be self-centered, caring only for what they have and wanting more, but like you can hear from their messages, the Cboyz sing about what the many suffering kids around the world are lacking. But do not be fooled, Cboyz are just ordinary kids leading ordinary lives.


Living in Minnesota with their mother they do everything that kids their age do. They are full time in school and do 95% of their music when they are on holiday and very rarely over the weekends. For sport, they are more inclined towards soccer and belong to Minnesota Kids Soccer League. The boys mention some of that country’s biggest players like Roger Miller and Samuel Eto’o of the Indomitable Lions as their inspiration in this game. Bonaventure is in midfield while Denzel mans the goals and is mentored by Cameroon’s National Team and Minnesota United FC Goalie, Sammy Ndjock who once visited them at their home and calls to share soccer tips with the kids.

This would be no surprise; their parents hail from one of the best African footballing nations. As young as they are, Cboyz are getting both position and respect on the RnB stage. Their song and You Tube video “Feel My Pain” has touched a lot of people where ever it is played. It has been widely played in Cameroon on Canal 2 and the national TV, CRTV and is receiving massive positive response from the viewers.


As the super cool kids prepares for their first official come to Cameroon, all respect and thanks go to the legendary, Prince Eyango, whom they see their selves anytime they sings as the back born of their original creativity. Mentored by Eyango, the kids would be touring the country come lately July 2016  with live performances, media tour, visiting of orphanages compiled with other activities to keep their stay in the country jazzy.   Watch their latest video produced by Stephen Helvig.

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