Vanilla City Entertainment Company, a B’da based entertainment company has decided on battling this coming December 2016 with the production of amazing artists and hits before officially creating it worldwide buzz in 2017.

An initiative started by a brain of young talented magicians in 2012 to come up with a platform of promoting the city’s talent, Vanilla Company has been on a wide quest to professionally promote the gifted artists in the city of B’da, Cameroon and the world at large.

Lionel Scofield, Kuyuh K, Young Holiday,Benny Clancy and Tina, are the first five amazing minds captured by the company to create the ever first spark in the city.
For more about Vanilla, it aims, the artist, lyrics, and the vision for this year, READ.

Recently, the company released a “Story building Cypher” video as an introduction to the five artists (Lionel Scofield, Kuyuh K, Young Holiday, Wolf and Tina). A completely wild-strange freestyle on an uncompleted building fused with a bizarre color grading footage, Watch and anticipate B’da in months ahead. READ about Vanilla.

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