The Kamerflow Magazine yesterday Saturday, June 11, 2016 was fortunate enough to talk with the manager of the Cboyz who could not continue the online chat with the team because of her meeting with the boys and a delegation from Hollywood.

Just after an exclusive interview granted by the manager, also their mother to the Kamerflow Magazine, all what she said are just becoming a reality. She talks more about the talent she had, but had no promoter but trying everything she can to see her teens reach the sky.


Yesterday was one step she used to proved her words. The Cboyz gets recognition from Hollywood.

How do you feel as the manager that the CBOYZ are getting recognition from Hollywood?

“I feel very happy and blessed”.

What was the meeting all about?

“It was all about for them to showcase their talent and for them to see the areas where they needed help…may be music school…and help hook me up with entertainment agencies”.

This is one of the huge lucks every manager would like to have. The Hollywood delegation rarely comes out for nothing. It is either something unique is attracting them or they are been attracted to something. It is a huge fame for the Cboyz, their lovely mother/manager and for the entire Cameroon. We only cross fingers to see the young celebrities and their team touch the Douala International Airport next month for their tour.



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