Marie Ndapqwe, born in Cameroon from the North West region with parents from Ndop and Nkambe, is a registered nurse in the U.S.A and one of the few exemplary African women with very touching award winning stories.

Born in December in Ndop – North West region where she attended primary school before leaving for Baffousam and CCAS Kumba where she finally completed secondary school, she made her way into the University of Yaoundé and after that attended a nursing school for five years when she traveled abroad.

Marie gives credit to herself, calling herself a self-made and independent working class lady who personally handled her education in the university and finally finds her way into the United States with wages she earn from Intelcam and Brasseries Du Cameroun where she was picking up part-time jobs.


How do you endure being a nurse, a mum and a manager?

First of all, I was raised by my grandmother and I was a very hard working and pushed-full child. I also give credit to her for the good upbringing. I come from a family that has talented people and I was one of them, but did not have that opportunity for anyone to promote me. My parents back at home had the impression that kids who focus on their talents doesn’t do well in school which is not true. Kids just need a responsible person to organize their schedule so I am trying to change the story of my boys not be like mine. It is a lot of sacrifice to do what I am doing, I face challenges every day at work and in the studio with them…it is really expensive.

Are you happy with the destiny of your children?

My kids are doing very well in school and their school is in support of their talents because of their academic performances. So, I am happy with their destiny. You know… it is not easy these days to see kids of that age do music. This should go to all the parents that, they should be promoters of their children’s talents and not be changers.

For 16 years today in Minnesota, Marie has lived out of her original domicile reason why she explains on bringing home her boys back this July to not just come and see but come and tour their homeland; Cameroon. If Marie was a filmmaker, her pathetic story would have been scripted and audition calls banging.

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