2009 witnessed the closure of the last cinema hall in Cameroon and 7 years later, the government is proud of having another cinema in the country.

Located in the University of Yaoundé 1 campus adjacent to the Vincent Bollere , sources say the building is still sponsored by the French businessman Vincent Bollere, the same man with name all over the free buses for student roaming the campus every day, and 44 of its ilk are expected to be constructed  across Africa with sub branches also in Cameroon.


The building is ready, inaugurated for the performing arts and cinematography student in the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Human Science (FALSH) but fear still runs in their minds “is the cinema for the public or for the students only? the first question  sprang up.

Another two more sophisticated cinema of the same type would be built in Douala and later Yaoundé, again. As Cameroon cinema continue to cut across borders with excellent production, so are her cinema revamping.

The Cinema hall has an outdoor space for concert as well as a 300 sitting inner theater and a giant screen for screening. more pictures on Facebook

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