Eddy Besong AKA Eddy Bee AKA Mr RnB is a talented Cameroonian R&B/Afrobeat artist with a diverse blend and style of music. Music has basically been a part of Eddy since he was as young as he can remember.

As a young student in Sasse College, he was known for his singing prowess as part of a boy group/choir. Moving to the United States further brought out the passion for singing and making great music and melodies. He has been in the music scene since 2009, releasing a mixtape in 2010 as part of a trio group called Avinu C including Naomi ‘The Queen of Bamenda’ Achu and H ‘The Hot Spitter’ Bolo. The Mixtape “The Camerican Dream”had great reviews among local critics and Eddy Bee soon continued a solo career.


In December 2014, Mr R&B released his first official single and Video after completing his graduate degree. The result was a smooth RnB/AfroRnB/Afrobeat blend titled “I Want to Marry You”; which was an instant favorite among local DJs and wedding playlists. The video for the single was shot in Atlanta, Georgia in a beautiful state park complete with waterfalls amid lush autumn colors, beautiful dancers and models.

On May 30th 2016 he released his second single titled “Thank You” which is currently in rotation. It is meant to uplift your spirit with a message that would initiate an attitude of humility and gratitude in your heart.

He is currently working on his debut album slated to be released later this year titled “The Eddy Bee Show”. The album will draw on the diversity of the artist’s music style consisting of a blend of African, World, Gospel and American RnB music. The album will also feature some surprise collaboration with certain artistes. It will be a pure representation of GOOD MUSIC!!

Keep up with Eddy Bee on social media:

Facebook.com: eddybee, Snapchat: Eddybee, Instagram: eddybesong.

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