NEW BEL MUSIC is more of a family today, with everyone trying to promote the label which stands as one of the most prolific record labels today in Cameroon, with artistes, sound engineers, video directors and a brand; French Kind, as a partner.

The Zele video directed by Ndukong in Yaounde has not only gotten its views on YouTube and on television channels like other videos, but has been able to expose Jovi and his style of music; which style  has made many today to liken him in the video to Kendrick Lamar for several reasons: the message in the video, the concept of the video which is very much like that of the “Right” video by Kendrick Lamar, the market and dungeons of the poor setting of the video,  then some social injustice lines in the lyrics.

Like African  the number 1 rapper, Sarkodie would say “I don’t rap no more I say things I see”, Listening to Zele and his latest #EP “Bad Music” Jovi today has gone beyond writing lyrics to please and convince fans by flinging his music prowess more as a  lecturer.

The bigwig.

Making his debut on screen after years of putting his name on screen as the director, it would only take one with  3D glasses to fish out his face because prior to now  he himself never exposed it anywhere like other video directors.

Ndukong a.k.a February 16th was caught as always, having his elder brother’s back in the mammoth crowd during a drone shot in Zele. Ndukong has never been seen on set on any major video shoot ever since he started directing videos. For one who is not keen enough, it will take  watching the video 11 times to notice his presence on the scene.

Watch the video from 02:39 – 03:21.

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