When professionals meet professionals, they speak the same dialects but it is always the reverse when an unprofessional work, meets a professional jury. Ecrans Noirs 2016 will go down in the history of the event as the year of merits. A year in which the jury  ignored the hate and  criticism from the public to push good work.

The Ecrans Noirs Film Festival was not founded by a millionaire to promote film making and entertainment in Africa but was created in 1972 by an award winning film director, Basseck Ba Khobio, to enhance black film ideas after he realized the lack of activities like that to promote film making in the country and in the continent.

Cameroon has  the most amazing film ideas in Africa but has vehemently refused let the best (professionals) in the field do their job:

  • Filmmakers decide to call their friends instead of professionals when doing
  • some use their friends to act in the film without having any acting knowledge
  • some don’t pay the cinematographers who hold 45% of the production.
  • Some film producers do not give their creative teams a free hand to do their jobs.

A film nominated in a festival or any award event, must not be nominated in another because of differences in festival objectives. Ecrans Noirs from  inception has gotten the best juries in the history of film festivals in Cameroon, well qualified and with a solid background in cinema, even though the events has never been as flashy, well prepared or hyped like this year’s.

 The Cameroonian movies rejected at the Ecran Noir are said to be generally deficient in the screen playing and other aesthetic concerns.

Ecrans Noirs has thus publicly announced the level at which Cameroon cinema is. The festival has also thus served as a voice to those amazing technicians whom filmmakers owe and are not willing to pay their money and are ashamed to call them for other production.

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