The styles, designs and elegant fabrics in Africa today do not have a particular country within the continent where one will say it is coming from. It is in this light that we clearly see that, Cameroon and its young and vibrant upcoming fashionista, Reneta Ndisang Nwonori, is leaving no stone unturned with her exceptional  ideas in the  fashion industry.

Reneta Ndisang Nwonori is a Buea based upcoming fashion designer and founder of the Buea Fashion Week Show, a show for fashion designers to display their works. She spends most of her time sewing and moving from one market to another to select fabrics for her new designs.

Recently on social media (Facebook), she created confusion to many with a sentence which only she could understand. “ I wear 200” The Kamerflow Magazine team on Facebook, noticed the enormous likes and comments that yield on Facebook and decided to ask for a sit down with the designer to better understand the idea .

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Reneta has CONTRASTED the look of the fashion industry in the country, by  doing general branding, unlike other designers who do individual branding. She also freely promotes  good pieces which no designer has ever been seen doing on social media – within specified days.

Kamerflow M: Can you tell us about your outfit and what the “I Wear 200” is all about?

Reneta N: I wear 200 is a fashion challenge I gave myself, to wear different outfits from different designers and even accessories from different designers for 200 days.

Kamerflow M: What inspired you to come out with the idea?

Reneta N: What inspired me first was the fact that I had a complex about myself. I felt like nothing can fit me better. Even make up. But if you all notice, I do lots of makeup though not strong in it by myself

Kamerflow M: What do you stand to achieve at the end…Are you just trying to promote the different designers or get them to know you?

Reneta N: Not so sure about what I want to achieve at that. But whatever happens as the days go by, I will be grateful. But when it comes to other designers, my intention is to promote them and make the world see that we have talented fashion brands in Cameroon. We have just one or two designers known from Cameroon. With this platform I can make people see that we have more designers.

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Kamerflow M: In this self-challenge exercise, who are some of the designers whose fabrics you have worn?

Reneta N: So far I have worn more than two..FH&L, Mareta West…But in terms of my shoes, I have worn Zech, which is a collective shop based in Buea.

Kamerflow M: How many designers have you in your list to wear their designs for the 200days program?

Reneta N: I have so many designers, I will love to wear Favor Favor, Liiberlondon, Mesanga, We trend Ankara, Afrique Fashion Trend, I love Kibonen NY as well. Eboh Designs, Eloli and many more designs. I am open to any fashion brand who wants to dress me. But that does not mean, I will just wear and give where I can lay my hands, I will buy some of them as well.

Kamerflow M: so you trying to say, you advertising for them?

Reneta N: Yes I am freely advertising for them. I am not charging anyone for that.

Kamerflow M: Do you see what you are doing to have a great impact on your Buea Fashion Week Show?

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Reneta N: Yes it is. Because, I know I am pulling more people towards the Buea Fashion Week 2017 show, which is going to have more and more designers from Cameroon and abroad…

Kamerflow M: that is interesting! How many designs have you worn now?

Reneta N: So far I have worn 23 designs and I am getting to the 24

 Kamerflow M: All Cameroonian?

Reneta N: Yes

Kamerflow M: For how long do you expect this to last?

Reneta N: 200 days but so far I am left with 176 more days.

Kamerflow M: Do you encourage other fashion designers to do same like you?

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Reneta N: Yes I do. Especially in Cameroon. Cameroonian designers believe they can’t wear other brands other than. This is why I am doing this to showcase other designers and wear their stuffs comfortable.

Kamerflow M: So you encourage fashion designers to wear other designs?

Reneta N: Yes I do. That’s the best way to promote culture.

Kamerflow M: Thanks for speaking with us Reneta Ndisang.

Reneta N: thank you for the interview too.

Having a strong stand in the fashion industry in Cameroon is not as easy as starring in a movie and wining best actress in your first movie. It takes people like Reneta Ndisang, time, research, to do the best in the fast growing fashion market in Cameroon. “I wear 200” is her second concept after the Buea Fashion Week’s.

We stay close with the boss to see what she would wear subsequently

Follow Reneta Ndisan Nwonori on social media

Facebook: I love reneta

Intagram: @renetandisang


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