The past two month in Cameroon has witness a come of two major Cameroon music icons, Adah Akenji of aMusic and now the Empire Company boss, 5 Album owned artist who has feature with big artistes in France and beyond, Pit Baccardi.

Pit makes his come-back different from others with no alert but with a surprise new video clip “Arretez” with backup from his son, Magasco.

What a huge improvement and a bold step from the Empire Company team to continue with it already implant stamp in the country. The label will definitely be full with three major artist now, Pit Baccardi, coming back to captain the ship, Magasco, the home boy and Ne Grie the label’s group.

Well, one of the fine things that people will observe is the presence of Jovi in the scene…is that Jovi himself? Can Jovi stares in anything that concerns Pit and Empire? Just someone who looks alike the big vulture himself in the clip.


During the Raw Gold Tour in Cameroon and in Yaoundé in particular, surprises were seen when the event DJ, played like about two of Jovi’s tracks. Seems Pit and Jo are in good terms now!

Another intriguing aspect of the video is the good sense of light, colors, attitudes, choreography and camera movement. Arretez’s video is not different from the kind of video Maitre GimsSapes Comme Jamiase” did and “Work” of Rihanna. This is another best video in Cameroon this month.

Pit goes straight into afropop!!! Amazing guys. Watch.


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