Released with potency and a ground energy of how a good and startling video should be, Makaveli got the prowess, the fine touch a song striving for the box office should have. If one can find a place in his heart to keep her girlfriend’s love, then he can do same to Makaveli – finding a space in his hard disk drive to save the song.

Produced by Award winning sound producer, Slim Beatz of BEST MUSIC and video directed by the brilliant, Dr. Nkeng Stephens of CPE, Makaveli entirely, is a piece of cake with the best flavor and flour mixed and baked from Cameroon.

The song, Makaveli got four hard facts that If anyone who has watch the video 9th times and still not able to show somebody with his mouth, will need to watch the video for the 10th times to be able to confirm. Makaveli, is one of the toughest instrumentally afro funk songs this 2016 from Cameroon.


Today, their names are not as loud sounding as before, but their songs still lives in the world: 2Pac, DMX, Ja Rule, had one thing in common – hip-hop rappers with very wild and crabby voices. Could it be same attitude Tzy is planting and the BLU NATION label is conveying back into world of music? For sure, good song does not necessary mean having a good voice that can sing a lullaby to a baby. His voice, the way he composes, from the start to the end, you could feel that authority in Tzy’s voice.


Recently, Stanley Enow, Jovi, Dex Willy, Tenor and Askia were rated as BEST CAMEROON RAPPERS VIDEO ATTITUDE. If Tzy was a rapper, he would be standing in the same line with Stanley Enow and Jovi. Listening to Makaveli without watching the video, you could feel a man singing his song like he knows what he wants in his life, his career as an artist with lot of self-confidence.

From the audio, one can read from his lyrics the future of the super star in the making. Still with authority in the voice and punch on the microphone, not just because he has a voice as HUGE as Mount Cameroon, Tzy Panchak,  will be probably become Cameroon Best Selling Artist not long from now.


When an artist wins an award or get a nomination, it not just for the fact that he had a good graphic and color graded video nor how expensive the video shoot was, but how he worked hard toward achieving it.  Makaveli, is a lyrically 100% song. Common stories told in the neighborhood ends in the neighborhood but can go international when you compose them with style and equanimity. Makaveli’s lyrics does not show or tell the story of a particular country – it has a cross border touch.


Called him confuse or a double-dealer but I think every artist is a business man – trying to know where to hit to spark a fire. Tzy Panchak caused all most all the Anglophone artistes in Cameroon to do an indirect post to him when he insulted artistes singing in both French and English – I called it buzz.

Makaveli lyrics got English, very raw Pig English and hard French that will probably not end up only within a targeted range of people. The song would probably hit snacks, bars and clubs of every Africa cities if the promotion gets to it PLAN B face.

Once more, a hand of appreciation to Slim Beatz.

Rest your eyes and ears on Makaveli by Tzy Panchak.


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