One of Cameroon’s youngest sound engineer and artist, Edi LeDrae, is happily steeping his hands to be clean to carry his own child in months to come.

The father in the making, released yesterday 28 August a song, showing his readiness to be a proud a father. The song was produced by one of the best and why not the best trap Producer, StormzSkilllt in Douala – Cameroon.

In 2001, late HIPHOP legend, 2Pac, released “LETTER TO MY UNBORN CHILD”. The song was an entire message to his unborn child, expressing his feeling, emotions, and eagerness in seeing him come into the world. The song was accompanied by a female voice and in 2016, in Cameroon, Edi LeDrae, has dropped his own song “LETTER TO MY UNBORN CHILD” expressing almost the same lines like 2Pac’s un-fictional promises.

The songs have female voices. Well, are the voices a source of emotions to them or just to get that juicy female voice the tracks?

2Pac talks more of the feature of his child as well as Edi talking more of the child’s beauty and the love him and the mum would show to the “boy or girl” – Edi LeDrae. It is here we see how related their lyrics are.


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