die broke

Richie F, officially drops his single “I Don’t Wanna Die Broke” from his upcoming E.P, “KING RICHARD”, produced by Ovadoz and mastered by Bisai Musik.

I Don’t Wanna Die Broke is a club/ school/ work anthem, meant to motivate people to work hard (hustle). The song is full of meticulously crafted punchlines and messages on a dope trap beat.

The song is bigger than just a song, it is movement whose objective is to create and encourage a certain work consciousness. The song is conveying several messages and life truths, one of which is the fact that you have no control over the kind of family and condition you are born into, but everybody has a fair opportunity of making their lives better through hard work (hustle).

Some quotable lines from the song include;

Everyday me I di hustle, cos I don’t wanna die broke

Working my brain and my muscle, cos I don’t wanna die broke,

Till I make am I go hustle, cos I don’t wanna die broke,

I was born with no doe, and I ain’t gonna die broke,

So when it comes to that work, I swear to God I don’t joke,

I wanna be the best and nothing less, I ain’t settling for nothing less….

And so many more.


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