AFRIMMA award winning upcoming super star of the contemporary Cameroonian afro-soul music, Gasha, A.K.A SMALL MAMI, has been behind the scene for a while now. Where is she? What is she doing? Has she been recording? These are the kind of questions that has been contributing to the furrows on the face of many of her fans and followers home and abroad.

It is crystal clear that, Gasha has been somewhere, doing something big for her career and not even within the African borders. Coming from an insider working with the queen, after the release of her last single, CHAMPION, which was a song to persuade every young girl to stand up and be a champion and not relent on their dream, she is coming back with the remix of “THIS LIFE”, a song which was recorded and shot in 2014 by Pazzo (Watch THIS LIFE below)

The pictures reaching us shows that, Gasha is back on revamping the song ft Law G, in Atlanta-USA, not only with an additional voice to her already melancholy voice but with very penetrating and interesting locations and color grading footage. The question we ask here is, why is Gasha going back to her old songs? Could it be the song is beyond what we listened and she wants to add another influence to it or could it be the remix is the last song to complete her #WomenWillChangeAfrica project? We keep our fingers cross and rest our eyes on the pictures.



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