USA based Cameroonian afro-gospel singer, Mokambe, has been able to touch the roof just within few days that he started visiting the vocal boxes and touching the microphones.

Officially started singing this year  with his debut “Feeling Me”, a song which he did in collabo with, Kiflex, a Cameroonian afro-pop artist in the U.S.A., the upcoming gospel changer recently on the Crystal Beauty Show in U.S, chooses Locko as his best artist in Cameroon he will like to do a featuring with when he was asked by the host , who he likes.

Not because he is the only one he likes, Mokambe is a full lover and supporter of the 237 talent, home and abroad. His active and attitudes on social media (Facebook &Twitter) might one day earn him best supporting Cameroonian artist. He shared virtually everything he sees online on 237 showbiz.

Watch Mokambe’s open declaration on Locko on the Crystal Beauty Show and the story behind his latest single “PAST LIFE”.

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