The entertainment industry in Cameroon is definitely skyrocketing to a laudable level with music as a lead and evident factor. This is attested to by the level of world class musical pieces of arts produced, listened and danced to around the world from Cameroon. With great emphasis on style, technique and professionalism, artist in and around the nooks and crannies of the country have borne it upon themselves to become the Mozart’s of this 21st century.

Standing out to attest to the aforementioned, ZION RECORDS a Bamenda based record label in the North-west Region of Cameroon has taken it upon itself to ameliorate the standards and principles of this lucrative and growing industry. Having existed for close to a decade, and has overseen the emergence of great artists, sights have been set towards the production of outstanding artists like Walket, Meshi, Malon, Tatah, D-clan and top brass NBACA award winning artist Charly B Chuye and is directly proportional to the skyrocketing the said record label to national and world entertainment prominence and grandeur coming with packages such as collabo’s, world class videos and ZION RECORDS latest showbiz cataclysm ZION BONANZA.

ZION BONANZA an intended quarterly show; showcasing the immense strength in depth of ZION’s “Crème de la Crème” alongside prominent artist from around the triangle that makes up Cameroon kick starts its first edition this October 22nd 2016 with an open eye on Charlie B Chuye and Meshi guest starring Mr. Leo and Salatiel of Alpha Beta records. With certainty that this event is going to be a blast as a direct result of the inclusion of dance and comedy, New Breed Africa the event planner noted for the conception, creation and realization of the successful and acclaimed NBACA hosted last year ascertains the all-round success factor thus the “do not miss” coined phrase.

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