Recently, the name of Cameroon upcoming dance-hall queen, Ewube, has been on the lips of many because of her silence and disappearance in the music scene ever since the release of her video clip “Trowey” directed by Didi Blaise. But one thing remains clear, an old broom that sweeps well will always be return to at the end of the day.

The controversy that arouses due to the video quality and video concept directed by Didi Blaise, puts Ewube in a lot of controversy within her former label and created a vacuum within the team that made her went underground for a while.

Talent will never hide itself even inside the deepest abyss in the world. Could it be that after the saga in the label, Ewube has fallen in the golden plate of Cameroon business man, Atem Ebai Jerome. Atem Ebai, falls in the list “A” entertainment promoters that has been promoting the entertainment industry in music, movies and fashion spheres. If at all the business man has come fully into her career, the young upcoming superstar will definitely start seeing herself up that position she has been dreaming off ever since.


On Sunday, October 2, 2016 on twitter, Ewube posted an Omega Records label logo. Could it be she has been sign in the label? Or is Ewube praying for a sign in the label? We all know that she is no longer in line with the operational-values; condition of Best Music Inc. and rumor had it that, she had plans of leaving the Best Music. If for sure she has leave Best Music, she might probably be the first artist signed under the new record label. She made her official signing to the public when she twitted on Twitter about her new deal and new label and was followed by Atem Ebai’s retweets and tweet the same. He Twitted…

“Now, it time for business.

Time to talk music, a new page”. See


Her tweet was retweeted minutes after by Atem Ebai. Wow! Does that means that she is finally the first lady of Omega Records? The Kamerflow Magazine team rest their ears on the ground with questions and rumors on Facebook. Could the signing be a premeditated one? See the picture below and judge. The picture was taken during the Cameroon International Film Festival in Buea.


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