Cameroonian born rapper raised in South Africa who is taking African hip-hop to greater heights by introducing #Pidgin into his infectious hip hop beats. He delivers a unique African slang and flexes over (Trap) Hip Hop and Afro-beats instruments to bring you the new age of Afro hip hop with hard core sounds and ‘Pigin’ raps. “Freeboy Makizar”is a movement and a life style “we are revolutionary fighters of the free world” and “we are free to do anything on a creative level that we want to do“.

“Ring Leader” is his single which will make you feel like you in a movie right out of the heart of Africa with its electro, hard 808’s & bass banging sounds with Makizar killing it with his “Blood spilling” rhymes like a real “Dracula” on the mic.

 In addition to the release there are 2 music videos and a behind the scenes of the making of that will announce the arrival of MakizarKing of #PigenTrap.

“Africa stand up for Makizar is here now & African hip-hop moves into a new direction #PigenTrap #woyay #RingLeader

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