Called it the most illuminated night in the Diaspora-Afro music. Cameroon’s youngest soul music best, Gasha, made her moves at the Pan African Festival concert last week in the U.S.A. An idea initiated by Western Union, under the theme “African Heritage Unity”

This event provides a unique opportunity to build on past successes and celebrate the accomplishments of the emerging African community in the region and their contributions to its growth and development. The “Pan-African Cultural Festival” was born of a dream to utilize our rich culture to enlighten, entertain and foster collaboration within our local communities in keeping with our theme ” I African Heritage Unity”.


She and her team were bunches of shutters – shutting the event like no one else could do it better with very sophisticated choreography, live jazz funk beats with much of African grooves. We leave you with the beautiful pics and wait on the videos.

gasha-performance-panafest-usa-2016-12 gasha-performance-panafest-usa-2016-7 gasha-performance-panafest-usa-2016-14 gasha-performance-panafest-usa-2016-10 gasha-performance-panafest-usa-2016-9

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