Bamenda based Artist and Activist, Shey Ductu has published an a short story titled (Shades of Misfortune) as an independent writer in partnership with Kamer Expression

The book talks about Tamfuh, a young lad from a poor African family, with a big task ahead of him: to become the first person in his extended family to attend university, and to graduate and return back to make a difference in his village, but along the way, he is caught by misfortune.

In the preface of the book, the author reveals that “In most struggling families, young people face so many challenges, and often go about life with little or no guidance, making it difficult for them to make informed decisions about important choices.

He goes ahead to say that In “Shades of Misfortune”, he is sharing a story that can inspire youth to become more informed and responsible towards making important life choices. Nevertheless, the story is entertaining and can be read by anyone at any time, for the beauty of it, and for the life worthy lessons”

The back cover book is available online for sale on as well as digital versions on Kindle and Kobo. Kamer Expression has also promised to release an audio version of the short story before the year runs out.

The book can be bought through the following links

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