14717268_1057338724386401_4522255607563644406_nOn the 25th of  November, next month, Cameroonians all over the 10 cities will culminate in Yaounde to celebrate the first urban music awards “GREEN LIGHT AWARDS” . The Green Light Award which is changing its city of host this time from Bda to Ngola precisely at Parc Kyriakides, is out with its full list of very talented and upcoming artists, selected all over the 10 cities. see full list below of 3rd edition.



1. Seta Beat – Bisse

2. Coolkid Berka -Seriosly

3. Tenor –Do le dap

4. Sean Emanuel –I’m Stunt

5. Blaise B -CLANDO



7. Jovi- Zele

8. Askia –Welcome 4 kwata

9. StanleY E Ft Aka X Locko – Bounce

10. Ngoma –Ekie

11. Maxtor –Oweeh

12. Valsero -33Ans

Best Group

13. XMaleya –Mon Mariage

14. Pbrodaz Tsi ft. DJ Arafat Maka Tswa

15. Featurist –Fame Lah

16. Fluri Boyz ft Lock – Jamais Vu

17. Rythmz –Me & You

Best Collabo

18. Dynastie le Tigre ft Xmaleya -Just un Peu

19. Wax Day ft Yemi Alade -Makossa

20. Numeric aft Daphne –No Way

21. Ambe ft XMaleya – Petit à Petit

22. Rythmz ft Mr Leo -Madame Tout Le Monde

23. Stanley ft Locko x AKA – Bounce

24. Salatiel ft. Maahlox Le Vibeur x Myra – Bougez La Bas!

Best Beat Producer

25. Le Monstre 26. Phil John

27. Dj Chris 28. Drae Boy

29. Dejay Pazzo

30. Slim Beatz

31. PhilBill Beatz

32. Softh Toch Best female

33. Lab’l -Duma

34. Daphne -Ndolo

35. Askia –Welcome 4 kwata

36. Reniss –Dans la Sauce

37. Mehney – Depuis Quand

38. Ewube -Troway

Best male

39. Numerica –No Way

40. Magasco – Wule Bang Bang

41. Salatiel –Ca se passe ici

42. Mink’s – Le gar la est laid

43. Dynastie – Dingue de toi

44. Franko – Coler la petite

45. Yong -Beni

46. Maalox Le Vibeur – Tu Monte Tu decends

47. Mr Leo –On vas Gerer

Best Artist of the year

48. Maalox le Vibeur – Tu Monte Tu decends

49. Labl -Duma

50. Dynastie le Tigre –Dingue de toi

51. XMaleya -Mariage 52. Mink’s –Le gar la est laid

53. Magasco Efsi –Wule Bang Bang

54. Franko –Coler la petite

55.Jovi -Zele

56. Duc-Z – Voila sa

57. Dephne -Ndolo

58. Stanley Enow -Bounce

59. Mr Leo –On vas gerer

Best video Director

60. NS Picture

61. Mr Adrenaline

62. Max Ngassa

63. Adah Akenji

64. Ndoukong

65. Mr Tcheck

66. Nkeng Stephens

67. Napster

68. Turage Films

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