To wear the number one jersey and stand in front of a race battle does not mean you will win when you have short legs, for Ewube may be quiet but possesses the possessions of a diva. Omega Records first female dancehall artist, Ewube, with the support of the label’s management, is at the verge of getting her recognition beyond the national borders.

Months ago, rumors spread blogs and radio stations about her no longer seeing her name on the BEST MUSIC artists list as one of theirs but weeks after, she was spotted by the Omega Records management and was made the first female artist of the newly created label. Though papers are still to make wave of her official signing, her first single released under the label, is very legitimate.


“Pop It” which happens to be the first single of Ewube produced by Slim Beatz under Omega Records, is the big talk of every Club DJ today. The single is making waves in every snack and bars and from rating and plays the first week it was release, it is one the most played female dancehall songs this year.

The label officially finalized a deal with Vevo this after 21st October, 2016 to have the Pop It video be uploaded on their site. This is a great change to Ewube as she will benefits with no doubt better than others. The Red and White logo will be hanging her video come this 23rd October, 2016, which is to be a Sunday.

Who is the director of “Pop It” is still posing questions on many because her recent fight with her former label was due to the quality of her last music video “Trowey”. Suspend!

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