Shey Ductu in partnership with Kamer Expression have released the audio version of his Book Titled ‘Shades of Misfortune’ online for free for those who cannot afford or may not be able to carry out online financial transactions for one reason or the other.

The Book depicts the misfortunes faced by an African youth Tamfu as he struggles to be the first member of his family to get college education. Shey Ductu and Kamer Expression encourage people who download the book to support the movement by making donations through other means.

About The Author

Shey Ductu is a Cameroonian artist, entrepreneur and activist. He is author of 3 musical Albums, 3 Published books, and several articles. He is Founder of Kamer Expression, an arts and entertainment promotion agency, as well as CEO of Ductu Foundation, an NGO which provides personal and cooperate development solutions to youth, groups and startups. He is a member of the Cameroon National Youth Council and has overseen the planning, management and coordination of several local projects, ventures and events ranging from community development, to entertainment.


Here is the link to download the audiobook

Here is a link to listen the book online.


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