When a girl’s beauty is beyond comparison, the praises are always directed to her parents for their job well done. So, a BIG-big up to the OMEGA RECORDS team.

Cameroonian’s female leading and upcoming dance hall queen, Ewube, shut down media weeks ago with the release of her topnotch hit, “Pop It” which is vibrating at same frequency with other African top chat songs.

From recent studies and gist coming from other media, POP IT, just weeks after it release is said have been climbing the steps and penetrating holes in Cameroonian and African top clubs especially in the Afro Dance Hall City of Ghana, where it is said to have a special place on every DJ’s Mac Book. The song which is facing the same vibration in Cameroon because of it lyrical and vocal dynamism and instrumental, still owns 45% on the mouth of fans as one of the best Central African dance hall songs released this year with high punch.

Why Pop It? Why Ewube? Have you ask yourself such questions? I guess not!

Ewube before getting the likes, talks, online plays and name sinking and running like River Nile in the African music scene, has been on lamplight but reaches the phoenix when her deal with the newly created Cameroon record label, Omega Records bought her off Best Music to continue paying her dues and accentuate her career. Today, the phrase many have decided on using for her is, BEST CENTRAL AFRICAN dance hall artist.

Ewube’s power and momentum on her career has pushed many to the world to start mouthing of her being proud for not being on the Davido and Kiss Daniel concerts. Her controversy with the street is a mix and misinform because despite all that, her team has been silence to organize a press conference for her absence. There is a rumor that, on the 12th November, 2016 which she is expected to shut down Yaounde with Yemi Alade, Wax Dey and other artists, has also been turn down. Within two month in Cameroon, Ewube and her team has turn their backs on three concert, the reasons we don’t know. Could it be her newly created team doesn’t want her to appear publicly for the moment or is there something behind the picture we don’t see?

Proud of not having no major African award but postulating on grasping the MAMA when she drops her next single which title team has decided on keeping it silence, the upcoming queen is on the journey to get the lion share of the Cameroon market.

Coming up next: the whole truth why Ewube was not on the Davido, Kiss Daniel, Wax Dey and Yemi Alade concert.

Ewube’s Yoaunde Media Tour

Starting this Sunday

  • Bonjour
  • Tam Tam WeekEnd
  • Apex Radio Yaounde
  • etc




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