Lyrically empowered with the best punches and communal slangs from the street of Cameroon like no other new act, Langsa drops officially this 15th November 2016 after a one month hefty online anticipation and promotion of Na Trafiq and his debut hit song since he joins the music game few years ago.

The upcoming heavyweight calls on every ghetto leader and inhabitant from an abstractly world of sitting and dreaming to walking and working spurred by the beats of the fearless sound producer, the Cliché boss, DJ Karl and concluded by Magic Fingers of the famous Studio 54 Douala.

“You di die with two eye open because you no get maison, no man di watch your back”

 Like every Cameroonian contemporary rapper rapping in Pidgin, English and French, Na Trafiq makes a great step ahead of them  as he uses a different flare and attitude on passing on his message with very simple and uncomplicated quote unlike others will event words that will need an extra 237 Artist Dictionary.

“All time with paper and pen man di sing song”

How many artists today live with their paper and pen writing and composing lyrics that can hit beyond their home market? Listen to a boy whose vision is beyond your expectation and enjoy god music.

Follow Na Trafiq

Facebook: Na Trafiq

Soundcloud: Na Trafiq


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