This is what the bosses do, they change the game and anticipate the future, they do things that other artists will realize they effect after years. New Belll Music boss. Jovi A.K.A Mboko God, Big Vulture, releases his latest video MONSHUNG in grand announcement of his 16 WIVES album to drop soon.

Whatever the case, Mongshung has driven and has moved many francophone especially in the capital city of Cameroon, Yaoundé to adhere on the ideologies of Jovi as the baddest street nigga and as an artist who speaks the minds of street.

Jovi and Family
Jovi and Family

Directed by Ndukong, the label’s official video director, Mongshung means in English “Fiction” “Unreal” “Fake” as it is called in broken English “Flashing”. The song itself is blend and arranged by the Amazing voice of Reniss and Pascal shot all in white- – in and out doors shoot.

For probably his first-time to come out as many times in a video like this , is the CEO of the World clothing line, French Kind, Rostand Junior.

French Kind
                                                                                        French Kind


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