It is no more Buea nor B’da, it is now a national problem as Yaoundé itself can’t think straight with the momentum of Ewube as she rekindles with a much coagulated bounce back on her music career.

Topping the 6th position in some African countries especially in Ghana where Cameroonians residence there made declaration of her latest track “POP IT”, hitting the clubs and bars in the country, the upcoming super star has been on a break from studio sessions to media tours all over the country with Yaoundé and Douala being the targeted cities for the mean time.


With CRTV being the main National Television, the dance hall diva during her interview on a special moment with Pochi Tamba, the host of HELLO CAMEROON, and Ngoma, another rapper onset, discloses to her fans a little about herself and her latest track roaming all over, “Pop It”. Within the few days that she has stayed in “Ngola”, the urban city of Cameroon entertainment, her moments with CRTV, Vision 4 and Golden House television has gone miles to enlighten a good number of her fans that never had the opportunity to know much about her.


It’s a good feeling being watched on these network, never been on Vision 4 and HipHop Tv till now. Am so glad am getting the love from Yaoundé, CRTV, Wow!…they have been supporting me and am proud to be on their list of program. Ewube expresses her feeling.

As a matter of fact, Ewube will be beautifully ending her one week tour in Yaoundé tomorrow 20th November, 2016, on the famous Cameroonian cultural TV program, Tam-Tam Weekend, still on CRTV but before she leaves for Douala, where she will have a brief stop, this is her promise to the “Ngolians” and her sisters, the POP IT Lioness as they host and win the AFCON…


I will like to be here pretty soon, I still have other media houses to visit so ama be here soon plus, there are shows coming up as well for me in Ngola. And for the lioness, I am behind them all the way. Will catch every game and if I don’t have time to watch all, i will pray because am a lioness myself, so we POP IT this trophy together. she concluded

Stay with POP IT for the day!!!!

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