Yesterday, 8th December, 2016, Mayohchu Atem Ebai, one of the models to the BFW, made it clear on her official page that she will no longer be going for the Bamenda Fashion Week due to irrespective of contract by the organizer.

The only kid who won and kept other top models out of the line, yesterday said to her fans that are already buying tickets to uphold their money because her management is not in good head with the term of the contract.

This is what she said…

“Hello fans,

Am sorry to announce to you that I will not be part of the Bamenda Fashion Week

schedule to take place from the 18th to 20th in Bamenda.

My team and theirs didn’t come to agreement with contract terms and conditions.

However, I love you all and promise to make up to you guys.

My new movie E Do will be out shortly, Nightfall will be premier in April 2017.

My interview with kamerflow magazine will be
out shortly find out more about Mayohchu Atem Ebai.

Will keep you posted. Thanks for your constant support” – M.A.E

Out of a total number of 50 models that went in for the casting on October 2016, only from Buea, 19 were selected and she was among the winners. The joy to see this little amazing kids rock the stages of Bda has been the expectation of almost half of the city but fortunately it’s turning to be a pity because the kids will no longer be available.

Why? What happen? Follow us as we take you to her team for questions and answers.

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