Cliq empire is proud to present N Stan in his new single release “C’est Ca”.N Stan is an afropop Cameroonian singer based in Buea, Cameroon. With his debut hit “Ya Lolo”, He has steadily climbed the ladder in the industry slowly but surely with songs like “Feel Love” and “Mbambe”. Njinkeng Stanley popularly known as N Stan has fast established his place on the music stage.

His last hit titled “Mbambe” has 50,000 views on YouTube and was aired on African Magic Showcase.

C’est Ca is an Afro/Bikutsi fuse track about African girls who travel abroad for greener pasture but later indulge in sexual activities for survival. He hopes this song can help correct our societal moral decadence.  This song is produced by ABZ . N Stan is signed under KOZA Music Zone.

C’est Ca will be in all our playlists from our phones,to our TV sets,radio sets,cars,bars and especially our heads.

Cliq Empire is bridging the gap between where artistes are and where they need to be through artist management and promotion, events and consultancy.


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