You call him the coolest Cameroonian artist in the Diaspora, but for those who know his lyrical and artistry, Mokambe is setting the pace for changing gospel music from ordinary hand clapping to a scenario where even Jesus Christ could shake his head and dance for the father, has led him earn his title recently as one of the momentums of afro-gospel change.

Releasing the official music video of PAST LIFE, a song whose audio was released two months ago and was highly anticipated and welcomed on the media with amass download and plays, the artists like others in the feel of “thanking papa God”, symbolically tells his past life story in a 4:07 minute song.


From being a major “NJOKA MAN “, to a guy rely first on what is right by biblical standards, PAST LIFE is a resume of Mokambe’s true life story. He indirectly passes on a message using himself as an example. He starts of by using the word “YOU” as God, thanking him for the unmeasured transformation in his life.

The video, symbolically shot with very strict, technical shots and angles to lay more emphasis on the message including the metaphorical uses of light; from red, white and at times a complete change of the colors of some scene, enables every fans, audience to see a cinema aspect of his clip especially with the additional use of the fog – known to be use by world film makers like Spielberg, Cameron and others.

It is the end of year in the whole world, enjoy PAST LIFE and start a new life like a lamb. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, as you watch and enjoy PAST LIFE.

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